The first fish workshop 13/04/23
The first meat workshop 01/02/23
NTech sports corporate party at the curling club
Seminar "Movements and trends of the confectionery industry 2022"
NTech Team-Building event 24.08.2022
NTech team at the Winter Heroes Race in Alabino - 12.02.2022
NTech team-building event - a dialogue in the dark. 01/10/2021
NTech team at the Heroes Race in Tula - 04.09.2021
Second private Meeting NTech SummerDays 2021
Private Meeting NTech SummerDays 2021
N-Tech Forum Sochi 2021
Strategies for Managing Work with Analytics and Demand Forecasting in the FMCG Industry
Building Consumer Loyalty: Tips for Retail Chains and FMCG Manufacturers
Unlocking Success for Sausage Producers in the 2022 Market
A Guide to Selling Dairy Products Successfully in 2022
Using Sales Data for Effective Decision Making in the FMCG Sector
Analyzing FMCG Retail: 2021 Achievements, Trends, and Future Outlook for 2022
Co-founder of NTech Dmitry Trifonov in the program "Captains of Business" on Mediametrix radio
The formula for success in the Russian dairy market: what you need to know and do in 2023
Meat, dairy products and vegetables – consumer and industry trends
NTech Co-founder Dmitry Trifonov on Mediametrics Radio with Nikolai Petelin
Presentation at the Packaging and Design conference organized by IDS company
Trends and challenges of the dairy market. How to react in 2021?
Analytics. How to find additional profit in large data sets?