At Tech, we specialize in comprehensive FMCG market research and provide valuable information support for manufacturers in the FMCG segment.

Our FMCG market analytics empower you to enhance your presence in retail chains, assess sales trends, evaluate promotions, and tackle various evaluation and decision-making tasks. We offer sales analytics data for federal retail chains and conduct research on specific product categories.

Our esteemed partners include major federal retailers, product manufacturers, and distributors, further highlighting our expertise in the industry.
Discover the breadth of our services:
  • Retail audit
  • Consumer behavior analysis utilizing the NTech panel
  • Performance evaluation of promotions
  • Comprehensive competitive analysis
  • Data processing and pricing research
  • Market reviews and pre-conducted research
Our Journey through Time: Company History

The birth of our company, laying its foundation. Commencement of data collection, audit, and merchandising projects


Development and introduction of the innovative Pulse CRM solution


Successful launch of our first data processing project


Establishment of our own data warehouse, Sprut BD


Recognition as an official representative of Tibco in Russia


Leading the field in studying the Russian market for meat and meat processing


Introduction of research publications in industry media


Launch of the promo performance analytics project

Initiation of FDI receipts analysis project.

Introduction of the NTech Hybrid Consumer Panel

Achievement of a prize-winning position at the Silver Mercury competition.

Launch of online and offline training seminars focusing on analytics


To be continued

Co-founder, Commercial Director
Head of Marketing Department
Dmitry Trifonov
Galina Konkova
We may be a larger team, but we prioritize key matters here :)
Head of the Research and Development Department
Head of Customer Service Department
Denis Chalyi
Vladislav Lazarev


Client Reviews

Our clients' satisfaction is our top priority, and we carefully consider every project to ensure they achieve their desired results

Client Reviews
Our clients' satisfaction is our top priority, and we carefully consider every project to ensure they achieve their desired results
Anastasia Andronova
Since 2014, "New Technologies" LLC has established itself as a reliable partner in providing information services for "Bayersdorf" LLC. They have demonstrated an individualized approach to solving complex tasks and consistently delivered a high level of service. We are grateful for the fruitful cooperation over the years and their responsible commitment to fulfilling obligations with excellent quality.
Nikolaev Yuri
The team at "New Technologies" is known for their enthusiastic approach towards customers. They constantly come up with innovative ideas to optimize our work processes and make our lives easier with their cutting-edge technologies. Their dedication and commitment to customer satisfaction are truly commendable.
BVT Barrier Rus JSC expresses its gratitude to New Technologies LLC for their exceptional commitment to fulfilling obligations with high quality. Their flexibility and individualized approach in solving our tasks have solidified their position as a reliable and trustworthy partner in providing information services.
Vadim Roshchin
We greatly appreciate the high-quality data, professionalism, and unique approach to work provided by New Technologies LLC. They consistently prioritize and understand our needs and interests when solving each task. One notable achievement was the receipt analytics project, which allowed us to thoroughly address brand strengthening and enhance our marketing efforts.
Sergey Likhachev
We want to express our sincere thanks to the NTech team for their ongoing and fruitful collaboration in consumer market research. We truly appreciate their professionalism and willingness to assist us in overcoming challenges of all kinds. Their constant support has been invaluable to us. We wish NTech continued success and growth in their field, as they continue to lead the way in expertise and innovation.
Maxim Udodov
Thank you for your information support, high-quality work and an individual approach to solving problems. NTech has proven to be a reliable partner in providing information services.
Fedor Andrianov
For several years, NTech has been a dependable partner, providing our business with valuable data. We particularly appreciate their attentiveness to our diverse needs. The information they provide consistently aligns with our specific tasks and is delivered within the desired timelines. Moreover, they promptly and comprehensively address any additional requests we may have. NTech's rapid progress in the field of information services assures us of a promising partnership for the future.
Elena Balashova
NTech is our FMCG market research partner. We appreciate their quality data, ability to handle complex tasks, flexible approach, and prompt feedback. We wish them success in their business!
Yana Dyatlova
Head of Analytics Department
LLC "Novye Fermy"