Price monitoring
We offer services for monitoring and analyzing retail prices at various points of sale

Pricing plays a crucial role in the marketing strategy of both manufacturers and retailers. The shelf prices directly influence store traffic and the sales volume of specific brands. By providing comprehensive price monitoring and analysis, we enable businesses to make informed pricing decisions, optimize their marketing strategies, and effectively compete in the market

Our company offers a full range of services:
Monitoring various product categories (regular monitoring, pricing monitoring, promotional assortment monitoring, KVI positions - the most elastic SKU indicators)
Analyzing price changes for different product positions in the modern retail channel
Analyzing shelf prices in comparison to competitors
Monitoring the frequency and level of retail price changes
Generating short-term and long-term forecasts
Conducting studies on demand elasticity
We collect shelf price information on a regular basis and provide it to you in the form of a convenient report
Additionally, we have the capability to analyze specific regions/chains or conduct comprehensive research covering all players in the retail chain
As a result, you will receive data that enables you to promptly respond to market changes and adapt to the evolving market conditions effectively